iGo2 builds successful social enterprises.

With iGo2, you can:

  • Listen to and better engage internal and external audiences
  • More efficiently connect people to people for better collaboration
  • Connect people to information for better and more efficient performance
  • Reduce operating costs with better communication and more efficient processes
  • Customise your platform to your own organisational specification
  • Scale and enhance functionality to continue to evolve with the changing pace of social technology.

Connect Better

At iGo2, we work with large organisations to better listen, learn, collaborate and connect with customers, employees and suppliers, using the right social business strategies and tools.

Social Transformation

As a result of our social media expertise your company will experience effective collaboration between employees and suppliers, more insightful and sustainable relationships with customers as well as increased productivity, knowledge-sharing and engagement across the organisation.

Talk to us about Social Business Strategy, Social Business Intelligence, Enterprise Social Networks, or Social Media Governance today.

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