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Australian Open Tennis creates 191m Twitter Impressions

Monday January 31, 2011|blog|5 Comments|

Over the last 29 days iGo2Group examined the #AusOpen Hashtag to try and identify how Social Media was used to support a global sports event.

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Social Media Appeals to our 10 Most Basic Desires – Explains Addiction

Thursday January 27, 2011|blog|2 Comments|

I have often pondered what fuels the incredible growth in use of social media and social networking. Sure, some of it is driven by businesses understanding the power of the groundswell but long before […]

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Commercializing Foursquare in Australia

Monday January 24, 2011|blog|1 Comment|

Foursquare: 150,296 Australian Check-ins in the last year

Today I used Foursquare to check-in to buy my lunch and was wondering how was Foursquare being used […]

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Oprah – The Real Facts of her Australia Tour

Sunday January 23, 2011|blog|1 Comment|

Oprah makes us proud to be an Ozzie!

Having watched The Sunday Oprah Show on Australia I thought to have a look what was going on in the Social Technologies.

I have two findings:

  1. Oprah inspires EVERYONE to have a say and engage
  2. Oprah has had a significant impact on the Awareness of Australian Globally

Let me explain how I came to this conclusion.

First I looked at the Twitter Popular Phrases and Australia is everywhere! Can’t be that it is Australia Day on Wednesday?

So what is Oprah’s Social Media Profile? We’ll with almost 5 million followers she has a voice and with over 25.7 million Twitter impressions of the words “Oprah AND (Australia OR Aussie)” – Oprah has truly shown hear reach (or in Social Media words her Amplification).

In the last 90 days I tracked Oprah’s:

a) Reach across all forms of digital media

b) The Buzz occurring on Twitter


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Maroons defeat the NSW Blues in Citizen Engagement

Friday January 21, 2011|blog|0 Comments|

“I am not an Athenian, or a Greek, but a citizen of the world”  -  Socrates

Well it seems such a long time since the battle started, however, from the first clash in 1882 the […]

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For #QPSMedia All Roads Lead to Facebook

Friday January 21, 2011|blog|2 Comments|

35 Million @QPSMedia Twitter Impressions lead to Facebook!

(Update: this research is mentioned this [PDF] Submission: The capacity of communication networks and emergency … by the Floodplain Management Association dated 21 Apr 2011)

In talking to the Department of […]

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140K #QLDFloods #VICFloods Tweets Help Bring People Together

Thursday January 20, 2011|blog|0 Comments|

By Sheldon Levine – Thursday, January 20th, 2011

In 2009 I was fortunate to have lived in Australia for six months. I had a fantastic time while I was there seeing a beautiful […]

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Why Social Media has come of age in Australia

Tuesday January 18, 2011|blog|1 Comment|

Less and less now days I get the question – “Social Media; why should I care?”

Well just looking at Twitter there are 175m reasons to care and our post on the #QLDFloods […]

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It’s not about data…it’s about “intelligence”

Saturday January 15, 2011|blog|1 Comment|

Top 10 Reasons why InsideView is better than Data Providers

1.    More accurate – Aggregated company and contact information from multiple sources […]

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L.O.V.E. and DONATE: #qldfloods

Friday January 14, 2011|blog|4 Comments|

L.O.V.E. and DONATE: #qldfloods

The World Cares! A recent post by @wbosma related to his experiences while he was caught in the #QLDFloods inspired me to research […]