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Social Media Assessment Methodology

Sunday February 27, 2011|Assessment, blog, Methodology|4 Comments|

So like I said on our FB page, we just started Social Media Assessments for 2 new customers, yay ! Below is a quick overview of the methodology we use, in conjunction with some […]

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Twitter comes to the rescue #NZQuake

Wednesday February 23, 2011|blog|0 Comments|

Twitter bursts at 44,000 Tweets on #NZQuake

Last night I received an email from a friend highlighting the state of the SUPPORT needed in NZ as a result of the #NZQuake. At iGo2 […]

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SoMe Tools : to "be approachable"

Monday February 21, 2011|blog|0 Comments|

So you and I are using many ways and tools to communicate, and not only phone + fax + mail + email + website/blog, probably also Skype or equivalent, maybe some instant messaging solution, […]

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Social Media and ROI

Thursday February 17, 2011|blog|0 Comments|


The debate continues to rage as whether we should even try to calculate the ROI associated with Social Media. The […]

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Ready, Fire, Aim

Monday February 14, 2011|blog|0 Comments|

I find that many executives and organisations have a pre meditated approach to using Social Media in their business. They make a decision […]

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Social Media in the Cattleyards

Wednesday February 9, 2011|blog|0 Comments|


When you are in the industry you tend to think that Social Media and the Social Web permeates everything in life these […]

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Davos becomes inclusive through Twitter

Sunday February 6, 2011|blog|0 Comments|

The Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum 2011: An Analysis Overview

The 2011 annual meeting of the World Economic Forum was held in Davos-Klosters Switzerland between 26th and 30th January.  This annual meeting convenes an outstanding audience of decision-makers and thought-leaders from around the world. The theme thisyear was, “Shared Norms for the New Reality, reflecting the fact that we live in a world that is becoming increasingly complex and interconnected but also experiencing an erosion of common values and principles.” []

The @iGo2 Group recognises the importance of the Forum and has undertaken a study on how said organisation is currently impacting social and broader media channels.  Could the reach be improved; could ‘conversations’ be extended and deepened?  How do people feel about the Forum and what are the perceived ‘authorities’ that share this major event with the world?

iGo2 welcomes the opportunity to support the Forum by researching its presence and impact in media and to offer recommendations that may advance the Forum’s popularist reach in time for Latin America 2011 (to be held in Brazil during April).

The Research Project:

The period examined commenced 25th January and ended 2nd February 2011.

Key analytic findings:

  1. Ÿ UK based was the principle blog site throughout the Forum.
  2. Over 12,000 bookmarks of the Guardian’s blog articles were created and overall, the sentiment was neutral. The exception was where UK’s declining economic stability was discussed. Across all blogs, sentiment towards the WEF articles was positive (53%).
  3. Blog popularity or ‘interest’ dropped away on the 27th January.
  4. On Twitter, one of the key ‘authority’ media sources was the Washington Post, followed by the BBC and then Fast Company.
  5. Various international organisations – Amnesty International, Save the Children and ONECampaign – were also considered authorities.
  6. The Forum itself came 19th (as an authority) after all the aforementioned organisations.
  7. 99,669 Tweets across “Davos” OR “WEF” OR “World Economic Forum” for the period 25th January and ended 2nd February 2011.
  8. Twitter conversations about the Forum occurred across the world however the ‘hot spots’ were Europe and North America followed by Asia.
  9. ŸDespite the appearance of activity in Twitter, the BuzzGraph below displays how obscure many conversations were. WEF, 2011 and agriculture were the most pertinent terms.
  10. Ÿ In more traditional media, there was quite a broad spread of reporting on the Forum. The top source was Yahoo followed by, Reuters, BBC and Businessweek.
  11. […]
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Yasi creates 88k Tweets and 8.6k Blog Mentions

Saturday February 5, 2011|blog|0 Comments|

Cyclone Yasi creates a Storm of Blogs

Examining what happened with the blogging world during the Cyclone Yasi we have extracted the metrics below:

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Social Media in Business – Building a Strategy after a Social Media Assessment

Thursday February 3, 2011|blog|0 Comments|

As you know, at iGo2 we believe it all starts with assessing the landscape, formulating a policy, building the strategy and then implementing responsibly – in that order [for your business, your […]

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Social Media Academy acknowledged as a top-tier social media school

Tuesday February 1, 2011|blog|0 Comments|

Social Media Academy considered the best social media educator in the world

Jan 31, 2011 – The California-based Social Media Academy is, if nothing else, a training institution to watch.  In just […]