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Battle of the TV Channels

Saturday April 30, 2011|blog|0 Comments|

It is really the battle of the channels on Australian Television with the Logies, MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules all competing for viewers!

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700,000 Twitter Burst #RoyalWedding

Saturday April 30, 2011|blog|0 Comments|


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Royal Burst!

Friday April 29, 2011|blog|0 Comments|

The Royal Wedding is now a Social [Media] occasion of note with Twitter bursting at 230,000 Tweets (5,000 of those in Australia)!

Key Social Demographics over the last 3 days are:

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Royal Wedding: Twitter Peaks at 70,000 Tweets a day

Wednesday April 27, 2011|blog|0 Comments|

With just a few more days to wait my wife is already planning the menu for the party on Friday night (Australia).

The conversations on Twitter keep on coming with Twitter volume peaking at 70,000 […]

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Royal Wedding Social Fever

Tuesday April 26, 2011|blog|0 Comments|

Well Well! It is Royal Wedding time again and I can very well remember Diana’s wedding. Watching it in junior school with a few hundred children arched around a small television. How the world […]

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Logies Tweet-up

Tuesday April 26, 2011|blog|0 Comments|

Reading Adam Turners post in the Age related to the banning of Twitter at the Logies made me think how foolish we can sometimes be. However, when commercial interest are […]

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ANZAC Day a Buzz with 37k Tweets and 18k News mentions

Tuesday April 26, 2011|blog|1 Comment|

ANZAC Day goes beyond the anniversary of the landing on Gallipoli in 1915. It is the day we remember all Australians who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations. […]

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News Ltd Steams in on ANZAC Day

Tuesday April 26, 2011|blog|2 Comments|

In relation to our post on ANZAC Day we specifically examined News Pty Ltd. News stormed in with 1,702 Traditional News Mentions of ANZAC.

What has remarkable was how the view count of […]

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The Art and Innovation of Listening

Sunday April 10, 2011|blog|4 Comments|

Social Media Today

Conversations are taking place today all over the social web that impact your business – whether you are a large commercial Enterprise, a government department responsible for executing policy and programs, a […]

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News Release

Tuesday April 5, 2011|news|0 Comments|

Ant0ineH @ Sobizco

Sydney, Australia, March 21

Antoine Houdaille, a founder of iGo2 Group Australia, is now also a founding partner of the newly formed “Social Business Consulting […]