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Are Australians Switched Off on Climate Change?

Wednesday June 29, 2011|Assessment, blog|2 Comments|


The Brisbane Times ran this headline today on a story regarding the latest Lowry Institute poll. This poll, of 1000 Australians taken over the phone showed that amongst other things; […]

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One Year of Julia Gillard: How the conversation has changed

Sunday June 26, 2011|Assessment, blog|1 Comment|

iGo2 did an analysis of the Blog, News, Twitter and Forum mentions of “Gillard” over three month periods during the last year. Clearly the digital press smells a rat as their activity […]

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A Superior Social Business Assessment

Thursday June 23, 2011|Assessment, blog|0 Comments|

I have seen a lot of posts recently on Social Business Audits or Assessments. I am not going to argue which term is better […]

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Go back Where You Came From (SBS) on Twitter

Thursday June 23, 2011|blog|3 Comments|

I know we’re only halfway through this – if the buzz goes down right after part3, which I doubt – but considering the […]

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SoMe News: Photo sharing, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Mobile, and your Protection..

Tuesday June 21, 2011|blog|0 Comments|

Breaking news from LINKEDIN ? Don’t be alarmed, they just added LinkedIn Today to the Android app :

Yet another PHOTO SHARING app ? No novelty here but TechCrunch says it’s great, and […]

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Pitfalls when starting your business Social Media journey

Wednesday June 15, 2011|blog, Methodology|0 Comments|


An interesting talk today to my dentist, yes my dentist, on social media (in between fixing a broken tooth). He was asking me was social media the right thing for him in his business.

He […]

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Is Masterchef Australia Social Enough?

Thursday June 9, 2011|Assessment, blog|4 Comments|


At the outset I must admit to being a fan of Masterchef Australia. With each series I get totally hooked on the entire package […]

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Twitter heats up on Carbon Emissions Debate

Friday June 3, 2011|blog|0 Comments|

The Australian Government’s Carbon Emissions debate is warning up Twitter in Australia. The volume and conversations are intensifying. iGo2 had a quick look at who is fueling the debate on Twitter.

Twitter Activity […]

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Client Testimonial : UNISYS

Thursday June 2, 2011|blog|1 Comment|


“The team at iGo2 has assisted Unisys Australia to examine the Cloud Computing market in which we operate. iGo2 […]

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Client Testimonial

Thursday June 2, 2011|news|0 Comments|


Jennifer Arnold |  Marketing Director  |  Asia Pacific :

“The team at iGo2 has assisted Unisys Australia to examine the Cloud Computing market in which we […]