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Australian Cattle Battle

Monday July 25, 2011|blog|0 Comments|


Since the Four Corners report on the ABC detailing cruelty in slaughtering cattle in some Indonesian abattoirs the subject of […]

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Social Business and iGo2

Tuesday July 19, 2011|blog|3 Comments|

The Value of a Social Business Plan

You have to love it when a plan comes together, even when it takes a lot longer than […]

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Social Business Intelligence for Public Relations

Monday July 18, 2011|blog|1 Comment|

Your clients, brand influencers, partners and competitors are increasingly interested in using social media to do communications, marketing and sales initiatives. You need effective and quality services and tools to […]

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Telligent Expands in Australia/New Zealand by Adding iGO2 as a Strategic Partner

Tuesday July 12, 2011|blog|1 Comment|

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Telligent Expands in Australia/New Zealand by Adding iGO2 as a Strategic Partner



SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – July 12th 2011 – […]

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Press Release

Tuesday July 12, 2011|news|0 Comments|

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Stephen Poncini |  Vice President  |  International :

“We’re excited about our partnership with iGo2. We’re seeing a tremendous amount of interest coming from Australia and […]

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Tiger Airways tamed by the Aussies: Case study on how not to deal with a PR disaster!

Tuesday July 5, 2011|blog|18 Comments|

Tiger Airways has been slammed by CASA  for breaches in safety and the media has been reporting it in depth to the  public;  saying its right not to fly if […]

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Banned! Thailand Twitter Election

Sunday July 3, 2011|blog|0 Comments|

With the Thailand elections coming to an end today we had a look at the elections “results” in twitter – this is an update from our 5th May 2011 blog post