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Why are Corporate “Owned” Social Networks different?

Friday September 23, 2011|blog|0 Comments|

All types of communities share a similar mix of technology solutions, however their objectives provide the differentiation.

With social networks, the primary objective is about relationship building. You have a place (like Facebook […]

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Rugby World Cup a Lost Social Opportunity

Wednesday September 21, 2011|blog|0 Comments|

iGo2 have been monitoring the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand (#RWC11) and there is a significant amount of “Social” activity related to the event as shown in the dashboard below.

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Location Based Intelligence

Friday September 16, 2011|blog|0 Comments|

We have been working a lot lately with a number of large retail multi location brands on social business intelligence. And as you […]

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Social Business Insights with Telecom New Zealand

Wednesday September 7, 2011|blog, Interview|4 Comments|

An Interview with Brett Morris –Social Media and Digital Communications Manager at Telecom New Zealand

This is the second in a series of interviews with real life practitioners and leaders who are using […]