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The Hijacking of #QantasLuxury

Monday November 28, 2011|blog|13 Comments|

Now the furore over the social media ‘fail’ that was/is #qantasluxury is largely over we can analyse how the campaign was hijacked, to an extent by whom; and perhaps even glean some of the reasons […]

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    CA World 2011 – improving ROI leveraging social intelligence

CA World 2011 – improving ROI leveraging social intelligence

Friday November 25, 2011|blog, Methodology|6 Comments|

CA World 2011 Las Vegas BillboardWe ran a case study, for our own purposes, on the biggest

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Demystifying Qantas and Social Media

Wednesday November 23, 2011|blog|20 Comments|

Okay I get it that Social Media allows everyone to have THEIR say in any way  they fancy and that is the way of the world nowadays. However, I have two fundamental problems related […]

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Australian Social Business Index – Part 1.

Friday November 18, 2011|blog|10 Comments|

There is a lot of data on the web about the ’presence’ of companies in the social networks and channels. We constantly see this in the […]

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Melbourne Cup Sponsors – and the winner is? None of them!

Monday November 14, 2011|blog|1 Comment|

Which sponsor of the Melbourne Cup won in the Buzz Stakes? Actually – none of them. The buzz was won by an outsider – Sarah Jessica Parker. When brands pay out big for sponsorship, they don’t […]

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The Enterprise of the Future: WIIFM

Friday November 11, 2011|blog|7 Comments|

In a recent discussion with a close friend I came to the realisation of the problem that you far too often create for yourself when you are so immersed in a area of specialization […]

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Will Qantas now take the Social Business Leap?

Thursday November 3, 2011|blog|7 Comments|

When Qantas management suddenly grounded their fleet world-wide, to force a conclusion to months of union action, it provided a great case […]