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How social media enables brand resilience

Tuesday January 31, 2012|blog|6 Comments|

Predicting brand resilience is no simple thing. When Qantas decided recently to ground its fleet worldwide, at zero notice, it was obviously fully aware of the potential brand damage. Qantas made the decision as the lesser […]

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Australia Day 2012 Social Media Analysis

Saturday January 28, 2012|blog|1 Comment|

Despite being a mixture of cultures and backgrounds  in @iGo2 there is one thing that brings us together (outside of the desire to Build […]

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Sleeping giant – Social Business stirs in 2012

Tuesday January 24, 2012|blog, Social Business|5 Comments|

Although we’ve only kicked off the new year the mood of this week in social business is something new, and perhaps a landmark or a signal that its time has come in 2012.

The IBM […]

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5 ways Communities best Networks

Friday January 13, 2012|blog, Social Business|8 Comments|

We’ve noticed among some organisations a move to host their “communities” on social networks like Linkedin and Facebook. In some cases this may be misguided, especially if you are seeking to become a social […]

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TWITTER, a few WHYs and some HOWs – part #1

Friday January 6, 2012|blog, Social Presence, Tutorials|0 Comments|

Some of my friends (and relatives) are not using Twitter yet.. wait, actually most of them are not.

When I ask them why, answers range from “It’s not for me!”/”why should I care?” to “I […]