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Why social is not just another channel, nor a destination

Tuesday March 27, 2012|blog|3 Comments|

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Enterprise Social Networks – 5 Roads to Failure

Tuesday March 20, 2012|blog|5 Comments|

We are currently involved in a lot of Enterprise Social Network evaluations. Whether you call them Social Intranets, Internal Communities or Enterprise Social Networks […]

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The People Behind iGo2 – Will Bosma

Tuesday March 13, 2012|blog|4 Comments|

We thought we would do a series of blog posts on the people behind iGo2. The people who perhaps you interact with […]

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Social Media Monitoring Tools – 5 Key Features

Monday March 5, 2012|blog|6 Comments|

If you are going to have an effective social media listening program you must invest in decent social media monitoring tools to support the initiative. […]