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Why the CEO thinking Facebook Fails the Enterprise and its Employees

Tuesday May 29, 2012|blog|2 Comments|

Facebook has copped a bit of a bad rap as being not suitable for an Enterprise Social Network but it’s really an innocent victim. We’ve even

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Fools Gold: 5 Ways Social Business Strategy BEATS Social Media Strategy

Tuesday May 22, 2012|blog|3 Comments|

We are still seeing many organisations, large and small, who do not understand the difference between a ‘social media strategy’ and a social business strategy.

We believe that a social media strategy is

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5 Webinars on Social Business Intelligence

Tuesday May 15, 2012|blog|4 Comments|

Join us for a series of five webinars on Social Business Intelligence. You’ll learn how to derive actionable business intelligence from the social data streams. You’ll learn how […]

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Tuesday May 15, 2012|news|0 Comments|

Social Business Intelligence

Join us for a series of five webinars on
Social Business Intelligence.

24/05 1pm: An Introduction
07/06 1pm: Assessing your Social Strategy
21/06 1pm: Assessing your Competition
05/07 […]

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How leaders allow employees to succeed in social business

Tuesday May 15, 2012|blog|1 Comment|

It’s often said that business transformation, including social business, needs leadership from the top. What’s not often said is that the transformation does not actually depend on the leaders leading, but rather on them […]

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Facebook IPO – Would you buy? A view from the land downunder

Thursday May 10, 2012|blog|0 Comments|

Yesterday I was interviewed on Sky Business News by Nigel Freitas in relation to the Facebook IPO and implications to Australian Business. I have summarised our view and […]

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The CIO leadership role in Social Business

Tuesday May 8, 2012|blog|7 Comments|

Often the IT group and the CIO are cast in a negative light when it comes to “corporate” and social media e.g blocking access to social sites, turning off or resisting Yammer etc. But […]

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Marketing Strategy – 5 Tips on Monitoring the Competition

Wednesday May 2, 2012|blog|3 Comments|

One of the primary reasons you should be monitoring social media is to better understand your competition. Your marketing strategy must address the competition. […]