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The 'Last Mile' of Social Media Management and Marketing

Tuesday June 26, 2012|blog|1 Comment|

We experience several frustrations almost every day on behalf of our clients who are struggling to tie together all the elements of end to end process to link social media monitoring with publishing, management […]

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Why the CBA isn't Banking on Facebook

Tuesday June 19, 2012|blog|0 Comments|

Dion Hinchcliffe has a prescient view of the transformational power of new technologies in the enterprise, cloud, mobile and social being amongst the key ones. His recent post […]

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Social Media and Big Data – 5 Tips to Assess Your Strategy

Wednesday June 13, 2012|blog|0 Comments|

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there” – Anon

A social assessment can be a powerful tool to either set your social media strategy (in the […]

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The People Behind iGo2 – Andrew Goodlace

Tuesday June 5, 2012|blog|0 Comments|

1. Role at iGo2

My primary role is to manage the finances and legal side of the business as well as business development. […]