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Social Business – 10 Commandments Before You Start

Tuesday July 24, 2012|blog|3 Comments|

iGo2 is two years young and we have learnt a lot about social business in that time. Some of […]

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iGo2 Newsletter

Friday July 20, 2012|blog, news, Newsletter|0 Comments|

iGo2 News

Every month iGo2 News showcases the top company and industry news as well as the case study of the […]

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Do you have a Dream?

Tuesday July 17, 2012|blog|1 Comment|

This month iGo2 turns two years young!

We started our company idea with a dream or with four dreamers. Andrew Goodlace, Antoine Houdaille, Will Bosma and myself. When people have something in common they can […]

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Brand crisis – Brumby's burns 50% of its goodwill and lacks brand resilience

Tuesday July 10, 2012|blog|1 Comment|

Brumbys Carbon Tax MemoWe wrote previously how brands can adopt the concept […]

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How to choose your twitter name – for accountants and rockstars

Friday July 6, 2012|blog|3 Comments|

I’ve been seeing more twitter handles¬†flash across the TV screen lately – The Voice AU, Masterchef, even the morning weather presenter. I like seeing that trend as it points to the new fabric of […]

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How Social Mobile Cloud brought Microsoft to buy Yammer

Tuesday July 3, 2012|blog|0 Comments|

Yammer’s Xmas came early when it agreed last week to be bought by Microsoft for $1.2b, and it left some of its main competitors such as Newsgator