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The power of enabling your "Social" Employees

Wednesday September 26, 2012|blog|0 Comments|

Clearly enabling your employees with the right governance, the right policy, the right principles, the right strategy, and the right training is key to scaling your companies Social Business.

I recently had the opportunity to […]

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Why I dare you NOT to be excited by social and business

Friday September 21, 2012|blog|0 Comments|

Back in January we predicted (Sleeping giant – Social Business stirs in 2012) that 2012 would be the year that the power of social and […]

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Why Generation C might be all you need to see in Social Business

Wednesday September 12, 2012|blog|6 Comments|

I’m not sure if Richard Branson is offering a prize for this one, but the relentless search by our social sisters and brothers to unearth the true number of Cs in Social has left […]

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The iGo2 Team

Monday September 10, 2012|blog|10 Comments|


The saying “may you live in exciting times” has always resounded with me as I believe you/we make our own “exciting times”  and that opportunity is captured by the team around you.

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Enterprise Social Networks – the 7C's of what goes in!

Wednesday September 5, 2012|blog|2 Comments|

Today, nearly everyone is engaged in Social Media as it appeals to our 10 most basic desires. For your organisation this is not about engagement, but being engaging!