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Hootsuite University Overview

Friday January 11, 2013|Assessment, blog|5 Comments|

When I joined Twitter, back in 2008, I was introduced to two free tools to manage my online/social presence – TweetDeck and […]

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Forums a relevant source of Teleco Big Data

Tuesday January 8, 2013|blog|0 Comments|

The iGo2 team recently reviewed importance of Forum data as it related to specifically Telstra and Optus over 2012.

Total mentions for these to brands are defined below.

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New Year 2013 Social Facts

Thursday January 3, 2013|blog|0 Comments|

The iGo2 Philippines team recently examined the 31.5 million mentions of New Year 2013. Click on any of the images to view a larger version.

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NAB versus Commonwealth Bank on Facebook

Wednesday January 2, 2013|blog|0 Comments|

Over 2012 we have seen the major banks in Australia invest in Social Media as an engagement channel and recently the iGo2 Philippines team posted an overview of the Twitter (