The Market we operate in

Kinship is all about the affinity between people – the connection, relationship and trust that two or more people share. KINSHIP is a social business consultancy that believes every organisation has the potential to become a true social business. That is a business that empowers its people to achieve and innovate through collaboration and engagement – where all employees are Contributors and where social-enabled processes enhance the employee and client experience.

Working with KINSHIP is a supportive experience

Our vision is to lead our clients on the social business journey to help them recognise and then realise the business benefits associated with social business. That’s why we offer a transparent and supportive environment that helps clients retain control and visibility of all initiatives. Our aim is to leave our clients with repeatable frameworks which they can apply using their own talent and knowledge. Our proprietary frameworks help us create a roadmap for your social initiatives, while our extensive project management capability ensures we deliver projects in a methodical, effective manner. What’s more, we partner with industry-leading technology and intelligence organisations in order to offer clients the most fit-for-purpose platforms to enable social service delivery. KINSHIPs social business strategies deliver real, tangible business results in line with the organisation’s strategic business goals, including:

  • Reduced organisational operational costs;
  • Superior sales conversion and increased sales growth;
  • Better market insights, shared throughout the entire organisation;
  • Improved employee satisfaction, productivity, and contribution;
  • Enhanced entity valuation;


Business Description

KINSHIP is a specialist consultancy that guides organisations in the adoption and use of social and digital tools to strengthen relationships with their customers and potential customers, employees and potential employees, and other stakeholders.  Kinship empowers its clients to effectively, predictably and closely engage with each audience, no matter how large and layered their organisation. KINSHIP services small and large clients including Tier 1 global clients. We provide end-to-end social and digital solutions that facilitate business transformation and business process improvement that cuts across the social value chain. KINSHIP offers a variety of smart services, frameworks and processes that help our clients take control, succeed and lead in the world of Social. In particular we follow a fact-based assessment approach to social media strategy development. This means that we do not advocate following the same path as the majority of businesses in using social media “because it is there”. We use facts about audience, services, products, brands, organisational culture, employee readiness and market opportunities to tailor a specific approach to investment in social which aligns with business strategy. KINSHIP has successfully developed global partnerships with some of the best social technology companies in the industry. This allows us to understand how to bring innovative yet practical solutions to service our clients, while at the same time we remain independent and product agnostic. KINSHIP is also one of the only companies in the industry that has a dedicated Social Media Command Centre. Despite the millions conversations happening online right now, KINSHIP gives its clients the ability to listen to anything that is being said about their business and their competitors’ businesses. This 24/7 Command Centre ensures that nothing relevant will slip through unnoticed and any comment, both positive and negative is intelligently analysed and actioned.

Our Partnerships

To support our delivery we have a few select Technology and Business Partnerships, namely:

  • SalesForce – CRM, Social CRM, Marketing Cloud, Buddy Media
  • Adobe – Provider of creative solutions
  • Marketwire / Sysomos – Brand Management platforms
  • HootSuite – Social Media engagement platform
  • Telligent/Zimbra – Enterprise Social platform
  • VMware – cloud and virtualization software and services
  • InsideView – Social CRM
  • Social Media Academy – Social Media Education Organization


Overview of Products and Services

KD KINSHIP digital is a social consultancy that specialises in understanding, developing and protecting its clients’ reputation, brands, businesses and people in Social Media. At KINSHIP digital we help our clients to:

  • Develop a set of proven rules and frameworks for Social success
  • Reap measurable, predictable results and significant ROI from their Social activity
  • Stay connected to their customers in a way that is both time and budget–efficient
  • Gain up-to-the-minute customer insights for increased sales, improved service, faster product development and more effective marketing
  • Listen, understand and act on Social conversations on a large scale
  • Harness the power of Social to understand their customers, competitors, and their market
  • Transform their existing operational systems and infrastructure into a differentiated customer experience

KINSHIP digital is focused on the “External” Social Media as reflected in Figure 1 below. KE KINSHIP enterprise complements KINSHIP digital by focusing on the internal use of social technologies within enterprises to enhance employee engagement, contribution, productivity and growth. KINSHIP enterprise empowers you and your employees to:

  • Listen to and engage internal audiences and communities of stakeholder audiences;
  • Easily and openly communicate with people up, down and across the organisation for productive collaboration and engagement with business goals and purpose;
  • Improve agility by connecting with the right people to share information, reducing costs and time to value;
  • Solve problems more effectively and to collaboratively innovate.

The result – an agile and responsive organisation dominated by Contributing employees. KINSHIP enterprise is focused on the “Internal” Social Media as reflected in in Figure1 below.

StakeHolderFigure 1: Use Cases for Social Media – KINSHIP digital focuses on 1 & 2, KINSHIP enterprise on 3 & 4


iGo2 Group Inc Philippines

The Philippines has a free market economy with an active private sector. KINSHIP operates a wholly-owned subsidiary iGo2 Group Inc which is based in a free port zone at Office Centre 08, Berthaphil Clark Centre, Jose Abad Santos Ave, Clark Freeport Zone. The role of the organisation is to support operations of KINSHP enterprise and KINSHIP digital through the provision of highly skilled cost-effective team. iGo2 Group Inc has been fully equipped (platform, process, technology, skills) with the first purpose-built Social Media Command Centre (SMCC) in Asia Pacific. This SMCC provides our clients insights into the millions conversations happening online right now. KINSHIP offers the ability to listen to and analyse anything that is being said about a business, its brands, partners, competitors or services. Our 24/7 command Centre ensures that nothing relevant will slip through unnoticed.


Figure 2: Our KINSHIP Social Media Command Centre



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