The @iGo2 research team in the Philippines did a quick benchmark of the four pillar banks in Australia. The team made a decision to benchmark Westpac, ANZ Bank, and CBA against NAB as NAB has the largest number of followers.

The image below shows following statistics, authority (of the twitter handle and followers), and growth in followers.

Next we looked at the overlap of followers to NAB from the other three banks.

Finally we looked at how the followers of the bank twitter handles describe themselves, their gender and their location.


What the data shows us:

  1. The NAB is growing its monthly followers at a rate of 155% per month greater than that of its nearest competitor
  2. The average authority of the four banks followers is very low being 3.1 (on a scale of 1-10)
  3. NAB and Westpac have an overlap of 25% in Twitter followers. Do these 25% really bank at both banks?
  4. Clearly the word clouds would help identify how to attract customers and what keyword to use in campaigns
  5. Follower gender is very similar on a ration of 70:30 of men versus women
  6. The location of “Unknown Country” shows that these followers haven’t declared their location in Twitter. It should be noted that in most monitoring tools you need to define countries monitored. In our experience 30%+ of Twitter conversations are not defined in geography.


The key would be how these banks and other organisations could use this public data for competitive intelligence.


NAB recently announced that is has built a command center to track 5,000 monthly social mentions. For one of @iGo2′s clients we track 160,000 monthly mentions across the countries AU,JP,CN,TW,VN,XX,PH,HK,NZ,MY,TH,ID,LA,SG,PK,BN,IN,KH,MM,KR. First of our Australian blog readers to comment on what country “XX” is gets a lunch from me ;-)



  • Twitter Handles used @NAB, @ANZ_AU, @NetBank, @Westpac