Over the last 29 days iGo2Group examined the #AusOpen Hashtag to try and identify how Social Media was used to support a global sports event.

As per the data below “AusOpen” resulted in:

  • 111,382 Tweets and cascaded into 191,000,000 Twitter Impressions
  • 89% of those Tweeters sent only one tweet
  • 63% were regular Tweets (versus replies and RT’s)

Further we looked at “#AustralianOpen AND @AustralianOpen” and found 70,347 Tweets and cascaded into 48,800,000 Twitter Impressions.

Taking a look Twitter handle “@AustralianOpen” and found only 354 Tweets of which:

  • 80% of those Tweeters tweeting with @AustralianOpen sent only one tweet
  • 30% were regular Tweets (versus replies and RT’s)
  • Astounding is the 10,000 growth of @AustralianOpen followers in 10 days – with only 15% from Australia
  • The Authority of @AustralianOpen followers shows the burgeoning nature Social Media participants and next year will see a growth in Authority as Twitter grows
  • Interesting that there was no clear integration of Social Channels by @AustralianOpen – unlike our post on @QPSMedia

Moving back to the #AusOpen Hastag we had a look at the top Tweeters as display below together with their tweets.

Below reviewed some of the most authoritative Tweetes using the #AusOpen and they were found to be David Schneider (68k Followers), Serena Williams (1.8m Followers) and Ami Gumelar (21k Followers).

The globe below shows a heat map of where the tweets were coming from – truly Tennis is a global sport with a global following!

…..and what then was all this tweeting about? The Buzz Graph shows the predominant conversations.