With the Thailand elections coming to an end today we had a look at the elections “results” in twitter – this is an update from our 5th May 2011 blog post “Who’s winning the Thai Election on Twitter?”

Clearly the difference in the analysis from 25th May 2011 is the popularity of PouYingluck and PheuThaiParty. However, Abhisit and the Democratic party have maintained their Share of Voice. It seems that people haven’t been scared away from Twitter and Social Media by the threats from Thai Police! The extent of the use of Twitter in the #ThaiElection is clearly seen through the hashtag (#ThaiElection) with 7.5m impressions and 2,289 Tweets.

The popularity of each twitter conversation is listed below.

Finally, we had a look at the source of those conversations as you might get a fine if you were based in Thailand! Clearly PM Abhisit and Yingluck are both Worldly leaders.

So who do you think is going to win the Thai election? Do you think Twitter is a leading indicator? Our view and the view of people on Twitter is the winner is Thailand’s first lady prime ministerYingluck!


Notes to Analysis:

  1. Data from 2nd June 2011 till 3rd July 2011
  2. Global Data
  3. Twitter Only