I am not sure about you, but my wife and children keep on spamming my email with offers they’d like me to purchase with my money on their behalf! These offers tend to come either from Groupon or I Love Sydney Facebook pages which they have naturally liked! So I decided to have a look who is winning the battle of attracting fans – their ultimate goal of group buying as aggregation is is customers which means deals and money.

Clearly what is important to baseline is growth & engagement of fans over a period and not the volume per se as these two pages started at different times.

The 30 day statistics show:


  • Groupon 461 likes in 30 days (5.47% growth)
  • I Love Sydney 5,430 likes in 30 days (5.56% growth)


  • Groupon with 5.7% engagement factor (482/8,420) and 3.9 posts per day
  • I Love Sydney with 0.52% engagement factor (798/152,367) and 6.2 posts per day
  • Buzz diagrams for both included


  • Clearly I Love Sydney is the leader in terms of the volume of followers in Facebook and is growing at the same rate as Groupon
  • Groupon is approaching and engaging their customers (i.e. having regular conversations) and being social
  • If I Love Sydney doesn’t become social they could die a slow death? What is your view – do you want to have a say or just happy to be notified of a deal?
  • The strength of Groupon is it seems (based on Buzz and wall) allow people to post to the Groupon wall and engage. I Love Sydney seems to only allow comments to their posts.

Note: the analysis focused on the last 30 days and a relative engagement compared to volume of Facebook fans – i.e. if Groupon had the same volume of fans their likes and comments (i.e. engagement) would be significantly higher than I Love Sydney.