It is really the battle of the channels on Australian Television with the Logies, MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules all competing for viewers!

iGo2 examined all three over the last six months to understand who has the largest Share of Voice across Blogs, News, Forums and Twitter.

In Television Share of Voice equates to advertising premiums. Clearly MasterChef has trumped in all but Traditional News (could be aligned to Seven‘s relationship with Yahoo).

Total Share of Voice

Share of Twitter Voice

The dominance of Twitter is significant and creates significant share of voice for the MasterChef brand. MasterChef has almost six times the Twitter volume of My Kitchen Rules.

Total Share of Voice (excluding Twitter)

Removing Twitter from the analysis brings a “fairer” view of the share of voice, however, MasterChef still has 60% more brand equity than My Kitchen Rules.

Blog Share of Voice

Traditional News Share of Voice

Forums Share of Voice

So what program are you going to be watching – Logies, MasterChef or My Kitchen Rules?

Data Paramaters:

  1. Six months Data (183 Days)
  2. Boolean My Kitchen Rules: mkr OR (“My Kitchen Rules”~5)
  3. Boolean Logies: logie
  4. Boolean Masterchef: Masterchef