Taking an initial look at the Bonds Facebook page one would think that beauty is held within the brand. As reflected in the Buzz Graph conversations reflect comfy winter and summer undies, hoodies, and trackies!


Some of the keenest fans over the last 90 days are measured by their posts and comments listed below.

However, if brands are going to engage in Social Business they need to be prepared to manage positive and negative engagements with customers. Leaving complaints unanswered and unresolved in a public forum (like Bonds own Facebook page) is no longer acceptable.Even worse is to allow your customers (i.e. Leigh) to ridicule your lack of Brand pro-activeness.

Further subjecting your [Bonds] customers (i.e. 577k Fans) to SPAM is just as unacceptable (e.g. comments by Jayde). Without an effective listening program Brands like Bonds are subjected to substantial Brand Business Risks.