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Australian Open 2013 Top Ten Hastags

Sunday January 27, 2013|blog|2 Comments|

Top 10 Hashtags for the #AusOpen (at 1:1 in the Final)

More analysis on the 5.8 million mentions in the next day….as we have […]

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Australia Day 2013: 2,000% Twitter growth

Sunday January 27, 2013|blog|1 Comment|

We recently reviewed our analysis of Australia Day 2012 to compare the volume of Twitter mentions which totaled 29,322 in 2012.

Australia Day 2013 showed 588,141 Twitter mentions or just more than a […]

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Tourism and Video Promotion

Tuesday January 22, 2013|blog|0 Comments|

Film tourism is a growing phenomenon worldwide, fueled by both the growth of the entertainment industry and the increase in international travel. This blog seeks to identify how Australia, New […]

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Social Media Listening, is it IMPORTANT or not Canon?

Monday January 21, 2013|blog|1 Comment|

This blog post follows on from my recent post titled Social Media Listening, is it IMPORTANT or not?

Canon (kiyanon), a company originated in Japan a multinational corporation who specialized in manufacturing […]

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More Facebook Changes Mr or Mrs CMO

Friday January 18, 2013|blog|2 Comments|

That’s the problem folks – if you wanna build your marketing strategy in someone else’s house you can’t complain. Most CMOs today have been attracted

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A Twitter of Tennis

Thursday January 17, 2013|blog|0 Comments|

Well we have all seen the fantastic social dashboard put together by @AustralianOpen and the team at iGo2 decided to take a look at how the @ATPWorldTour, @

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Pacquiao vs Marquez Fight

Wednesday January 16, 2013|blog|0 Comments|

Our Clark team analysed the Pacquiao versus Marquez Fight late last year and published the findings to Slideshare.

Below is the link to the analysis.