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Power of Myth: Why Storytelling in Business Works

Monday October 1, 2012|blog, Methodology, Social Business, Social Presence|2 Comments|

In 1949 Joseph Campbell published his seminal work in comparative mythology titled ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces.’ (

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The 5 W's of Social Business Intelligence – An Introduction

Tuesday April 3, 2012|blog, Methodology, Social Business|2 Comments|

This Social Media blog post is the first in a series of five posts in relation to “big data” and Social Business Intelligence.

Through the series we will cover:

  1. The 5 W’s […]
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    CA World 2011 – improving ROI leveraging social intelligence

CA World 2011 – improving ROI leveraging social intelligence

Friday November 25, 2011|blog, Methodology|6 Comments|

CA World 2011 Las Vegas BillboardWe ran a case study, for our own purposes, on the biggest

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    Social Media and Intelligent Insight – So What? and Who Cares?

Social Media and Intelligent Insight – So What? and Who Cares?

Thursday October 20, 2011|blog, Methodology|3 Comments|

We do a lot of monitoring work in the social media data streams for clients – delivering social business intelligence.

That work entails :

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How to understand Social Presence Value – the right people talkin'

Tuesday October 4, 2011|blog, Methodology, Social Presence|6 Comments|

When I received a tweet a couple of days ago saying “@adamson Outstanding!! You have the No.1 #XeeMe in Australia !” […]

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Pitfalls when starting your business Social Media journey

Wednesday June 15, 2011|blog, Methodology|0 Comments|


An interesting talk today to my dentist, yes my dentist, on social media (in between fixing a broken tooth). He was asking me was social media the right thing for him in his business.

He […]

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Social Media Assessment Methodology

Sunday February 27, 2011|Assessment, blog, Methodology|4 Comments|

So like I said on our FB page, we just started Social Media Assessments for 2 new customers, yay ! Below is a quick overview of the methodology we use, in conjunction with some […]