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iGo2 Newsletter

Friday July 20, 2012|blog, news, Newsletter|0 Comments|

iGo2 News

Every month iGo2 News showcases the top company and industry news as well as the case study of the […]

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Tuesday May 15, 2012|news|0 Comments|

Social Business Intelligence

Join us for a series of five webinars on
Social Business Intelligence.

24/05 1pm: An Introduction
07/06 1pm: Assessing your Social Strategy
21/06 1pm: Assessing your Competition
05/07 […]

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Monday December 12, 2011|news|0 Comments|

Gold Certified Telligent PartnerTelligent Gold Certified partner

“To better help support our customers’ rising
social needs, today we are formally introducing
our new tiered 

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Press Release

Monday October 10, 2011|news|0 Comments|

Walter Adamson joins iGo2 

Asia Pacific Social Business Services Company @iGo2 expands into Victoria, Australia.

“Through iGo2 we’ll continue to focus on strong Victorian market presence and social business leadership. iGo2’s expansion into Victoria allows us […]

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Press Release

Tuesday July 12, 2011|news|0 Comments|

TELLIGENT Telligent logo

Stephen Poncini |  Vice President  |  International :

“We’re excited about our partnership with iGo2. We’re seeing a tremendous amount of interest coming from Australia and […]

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Client Testimonial

Thursday June 2, 2011|news|0 Comments|


Jennifer Arnold |  Marketing Director  |  Asia Pacific :

“The team at iGo2 has assisted Unisys Australia to examine the Cloud Computing market in which we […]

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News Release

Tuesday April 5, 2011|news|0 Comments|

Ant0ineH @ Sobizco

Sydney, Australia, March 21

Antoine Houdaille, a founder of iGo2 Group Australia, is now also a founding partner of the newly formed “Social Business Consulting […]

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News Release

Sunday March 20, 2011|news|0 Comments|

World’s Largest Social Media Consulting Firm

Sydney, Australia, March 21

Michael Green, a founder of iGo2 Group Australia, is now also a founding partner of […]

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Customer Testimony

Tuesday January 11, 2011|blog, news|0 Comments|


“The team at iGo2 have helped hyperREMIT define our social media strategy, planning and executing within a cross functional […]

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Social Media Academy expands further into Australia

Tuesday January 4, 2011|news|0 Comments|

Social Media Academy and iGo2 Group collaborate and bringing social media business education program to Australia

Jan 04, 2011 – Palo Alto based […]