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Social Business Maturing in South Asia

Friday October 5, 2012|blog, Social Business|0 Comments|


I have been fortunate this week to spend time with a number a larger enterprises in Singapore and Malaysia discussing their current social business situation and […]

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Power of Myth: Why Storytelling in Business Works

Monday October 1, 2012|blog, Methodology, Social Business, Social Presence|2 Comments|

In 1949 Joseph Campbell published his seminal work in comparative mythology titled ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces.’ (

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The 5 W's of Social Business Intelligence – An Introduction

Tuesday April 3, 2012|blog, Methodology, Social Business|2 Comments|

This Social Media blog post is the first in a series of five posts in relation to “big data” and Social Business Intelligence.

Through the series we will cover:

  1. The 5 W’s […]
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Brand Resilience 2 – social strategy and brand breadth

Wednesday February 8, 2012|blog, Social Business, Social Presence|4 Comments|

In Part 1 of three four posts on how social strategy enables Brand Resilience we outlined the “brand resilience model” which included the notion that Brand Experience […]

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Sleeping giant – Social Business stirs in 2012

Tuesday January 24, 2012|blog, Social Business|5 Comments|

Although we’ve only kicked off the new year the mood of this week in social business is something new, and perhaps a landmark or a signal that its time has come in 2012.

The IBM […]

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5 ways Communities best Networks

Friday January 13, 2012|blog, Social Business|8 Comments|

We’ve noticed among some organisations a move to host their “communities” on social networks like Linkedin and Facebook. In some cases this may be misguided, especially if you are seeking to become a social […]

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5 MORE Signs You Are NOT a Social Business

Wednesday December 21, 2011|blog, Social Business|2 Comments|

Last week I was inspired by a meeting to write a post on 5 Sure Signs […]