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Power of Myth: Why Storytelling in Business Works

Monday October 1, 2012|blog, Methodology, Social Business, Social Presence|2 Comments|

In 1949 Joseph Campbell published his seminal work in comparative mythology titled ‘The Hero with a Thousand Faces.’ (

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Brand Resilience 2 – social strategy and brand breadth

Wednesday February 8, 2012|blog, Social Business, Social Presence|4 Comments|

In Part 1 of three four posts on how social strategy enables Brand Resilience we outlined the “brand resilience model” which included the notion that Brand Experience […]

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Extreme KRED – Rupert surfs the social metrics

Tuesday February 7, 2012|blog, Social Presence|4 Comments|

Kred (created by PeopleBrowsr) seems to have opened up its membership and gained a lot of buzz […]

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TWITTER, a few WHYs and some HOWs – part #1

Friday January 6, 2012|blog, Social Presence, Tutorials|0 Comments|

Some of my friends (and relatives) are not using Twitter yet.. wait, actually most of them are not.

When I ask them why, answers range from “It’s not for me!”/”why should I care?” to “I […]

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5 Sure Signs You are NOT a Social Business

Tuesday December 13, 2011|blog, Social Presence|5 Comments|

This post is inspired by someone I met the other week who was seeking a role with @iGo2. We would […]

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How to understand Social Presence Value – the right people talkin'

Tuesday October 4, 2011|blog, Methodology, Social Presence|6 Comments|

When I received a tweet a couple of days ago saying “@adamson Outstanding!! You have the No.1 #XeeMe in Australia !” […]