Enterprise Social Networks

The social ecosystem has extended way beyond Facebook and Twitter to industry communities and forums as well as social networks that are managed and owned by organisations – now known as Enterprise Social Networks.

As Enterprise Social Networks gain wider acceptance among innovative enterprises, C-level executives are realising the benefits of improved collaboration, knowledge-sharing and communication.

In fact, Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs) appeal to most C-level priorities in today’s economy in the form of:

1.     Business Growth

2.     People Attraction, Retention and Productivity

3.     Cost Reduction

4.     Business or Product Improvement

iGo2 being a Social Business Consultancy we monitor the key vendors within the ESN and Community Software industry, namely Telligent, NewsGator, Jive and Lithium. This monitoring in the form listening provides our business an extensive array of industry, market, vendor and competitive insights to make just-in-time business decisions. Business decisions driven at the pace of the Social Data (or Big Data) streams. Last year McKinsey published a report “Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity”

So what does the ESN and Community Software Industry Big Data look like? Across these four vendors we tracked almost 40,000 mentions over the last six months or 6,666 per month or 222 per day as shown below.

 So then what does insights are we able to garner from this ESN Big Data?

Well that is exactly the wrong question to ask! A company needs to start with its’ business objective and ours is “We Build Successful Social Enterprises.”

So how would this Big Data help us deliver on that brand promise? Will it help the iGo2 team better understand the market? Will it help us understand who influences the ESN Market? Will it help us amplify our brand promise and related services? Will it help is Innovate? Will it help us attract staff? Will it help us in defining the optimal social architecture for our social presence? Would we be able to identify prospects? Would we be able to gain insights into our clients? Would it help our teams represent the best possible solution to a business problem?

Once we are clear at iGo2 on why we are interested in this Big Data and what is will do for our customers, partners, and staff; then we can extract the value.

To quote Ron Ploof from ‘Read this First – An Executives Guide to New Media” – social data is a goldmine but if you don’t extract the gold its just a hill like any other.

To provide you (our blog readers) some insights as to the gold you can garner we have extracted three simple views.

1) Data by Social Channel

 2) Data by High Authority Mentions

 3) Data by Gender

Remember every one of those 40,000 mentions we have in our big data mining tool and can interrogate aligned to our business objective(s).

How do you use Big Data for Competitive Intelligence?


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