This month iGo2 turns two years young!

We started our company idea with a dream or with four dreamers. Andrew Goodlace, Antoine Houdaille, Will Bosma and myself. When people have something in common they can form into a group (iGo2 Group). When that group is required to be productive together we call this a team and boy what a team we are building at iGo2. Although individual team members may have different objectives something must bring the contributions together into the bigger picture. Vision and Values provide a focus and framework to bond the iGo2 team. Clearly the world of Social Business has endless opportunities and with the advent of our 2nd year we are now a multi-million dollar business and starting to realise our Dreams our Visions our Values.

iGo2 is based on the fundamental premise that Social Media addresses the needs of people – our blog post “Social Media Appeals to our 10 Most Basic Desires – Explains Addiction” explains this further. When we examine the Iceberg Model it provides a simple way to look at what lies below a customer’s or employee’s behaviour. When we look to change behaviour we need to also look at the underlying cause. In today’s world a key aspect of organisational success is understanding how to develop their ecosystem of innovation, collaboration and engagement.

In the Iceberg Model Beliefs and Values are the second level below the surface behaviour. Therefore Beliefs and Values affect the behaviours in many situations. Beliefs can protect us from harm and they can also limit us. We need a safe and trusted environment to change our beliefs. Dreams are a useful metaphor for expanding our beliefs and Andrew explains in his blog how the iGo2 team dreamed.

Beliefs also apply to our company in that our vision is based on a deep rooted belief that Social Media addresses the needs of the employees, customers, and the organisation.

Dreaming was very important to the formation of iGo2 in the same way as Social Media is very important in addressing the needs of employees and customers alike. As a good friend of mine says “Logic will get you from A to B – imagination will get you anywhere!

However, a dream without execution is only a dream. Social Media without a business outcome is still only Social Media with little relevance to business.

At iGo2 we had to DREAM to THINK to DO to GET a multi-million dollar business. This dream is based on the belief that we can help our clients build a successful social enterprise.

Do you have a dream?