I just read “12 Things You Need To Know About Facebook (Australia)” on Hitwise’s blog, thanks to @jyesmith who quoted the article on his blog here, let me give you the first five:

1. Facebook is the second most popular website visited by Australians after Google.com.au, accounting for 7.83% of all visits in the month of September 2010 but is the most popular website for Australian’s aged 18-24, with 8.97% of visits for the four weeks ending 2 October2010 just ahead of Google.com.au’s 8.96%.

2. Facebook’s share of page views represents almost 1 in 5 pages viewed by Australians during September 2010. Facebook’s 19.3% of all page views swamps Google.com.au’s 7.4% share of page views.

3. Facebook is clearly Australia’s most popular social network and reflects similar UK trends featured in Robin’s post. Facebook accounts for 56.8% of all visits to social networks in September 2010, being almost 3.8 times that of You Tube (15.1% share of visits).

4. Facebook Mobile (m.facebook.com) is the sixth most visited social network receiving 0.82% of all visits to social networks for the month of September 2010, indicating the growing use of mobile devices across Wi-Fi networks.

5. Facebook is the number one search term in each of the major search engines used by Australians – Google.com.au, Google.com, Bing.com and Yahoo! With variations of Facebook, including ‘face book’,’ facebook login’ and ‘fb’, search terms for Facebook accounted for 4.4% of all successful searches in the 4 weeks ending 2 October 2010.

Please find the other 7 on Hitwise’s blog :-)

(Image from The Next Web’s article about the launch of Facebook Places here)