Traditionally I spend some time researching people and themes before I attend the physical event – in this case the #smcsyd Facebook (Paul Borrud, Local VP) event.

I used Sysomos MAP to investigate Facebook AND (“Paul Borrud”~5) and to my amusement I found a traditional company.

Note: Facebook Australia does have a fan page with 24k fans (including myself). The analysis above over past 365 days. The ~5 means I was looking for “Paul Borrud” within five words of each other.

1) Traditional Media

Sixty-five of the ninety-two news mentions occurred between the 9-10 December – the conversation around Facebook achieving 10m active users (including myself). Surely the press could/should have more interest in Facebook and Paul?

2) Blogs

Thirty-three blogs were identified and the three major (high influence and high relevance) Facebook brand influencers were Delimiter, Laurel Papworth and Servant of Chaos.

The key Blog Buzz/conversations were:

Through examining Gavin’s Blog and Twitter you can see the stats and tags….and why he is of influence.

3) Twitter

Clearly most of the 275 tweets revolve around you & I attending Paul’s presentations… Sydney!

4) LinkedIn

Finally I took a look at Cliff Rosenburg from #LI and compared him to Paul.

…okay well done Paul!