That’s the problem folks – if you wanna build your marketing strategy in someone else’s house you can’t complain. Most CMOs today have been attractedd to the lure of Facebook…and who is in control….not you CMO!

On the 15th Jan 2013 Facebook made a few more changes (and believe me they will continue too) these changes include:

1) Text Overlay on photos

A new policy change regarding text overlay on photos that will be coming into effect.

To provide some background, the old policy – which included restrictions on “calls to action” and “price and purchase information” – came with many difficulties and did not solve the issue of keeping the News Feed clean of “banner-like” ads. As a result, today Facebook are publishing the following policy updates:

What will be new:

“Covers may not include images with more than 20% text”. This is an addition to the existing cover policies that remain in effect. For example, advertisers are still expected to comply with the cover policies which prohibit “calls to action”, “price or purchase information”, etc. Pages Terms Section III.B (Cover Photos)

“Ads and sponsored stories for News Feed that originate from Pages may not include images with more than 20% text”. This policy replaces the previous policies around “calls to action”, “price or purchase information”, etc. Advertisers may now include this information, provided they stay below the 20% text threshold. Ad Guidelines Section III.D (Images)

2) Page Post Creation in the Create Flow

Facebook have started rolling out a new feature that allows advertisers to create a post to their Page while they are creating ads at The post will immediately go live to the Page once submitted through the Create Flow post composer. For Power Editor users, users can continue creating your Page Posts through the Page Posts section in Power Editor.

3) Updates to Mobile App Install Ads

Facebook are launching several updates to Mobile App Install Ads.

This includes:

  • Customisation of ad creative and larger image size (600×360)
  • Ability to install apps without leaving Facebook (for iOS 6 users)
  • Demographic breakdown for all Mobile App Installs

You can find more information about how to set up your App for Mobile App Install Ads at

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