35 Million @QPSMedia Twitter Impressions lead to Facebook!

(Update: this research is mentioned this [PDF] Submission: The capacity of communication networks and emergency … by the Floodplain Management Association dated 21 Apr 2011)

In talking to the Department of Public works in Queensland today I thought I’d provide a further focused Assessment on the use of Twitter to support Police and Community efforts during the #QLDFloods.

For the 35,3 Million Impressions that the @QPSMedia Twitter Handle created all [Twitter] roads seem to lead to the Queensland Police Facebook Page – so let me show you how the data lead me to that conclusion.

In examining the @QPSMedia Twitter handle I found that over the last 90 days their have been 14,362 Tweets mentioning “QPSMedia”

What was really interesting was to analyse the breakup of ReTweet’s versus Tweets versus Replies – as the picture below the ReTweet volume was 70.4% of the 14,362 Tweets.

Next I examined the growth of followers of the @QPSMedia Twitter Handle and this really shows the true capability of Social Technologies to get a message out – word of mouth on steroids without the Chinese whispers. First let’s look at the growth of followers:

Just incredible! Growth from just less than 2,000 Followers to almost 10,788 in 25 days. Now next let’s take a look at the tweet volume of tweets mentioning “QPSMedia”.

In the chart above the vertical axis is the volume of “QPSMedia” tweet mentions per day – as you can see the Tweet volume peeked (3,750 daily tweets) between 9th January to 15th January. So where were those tweets coming from?

The Globe heat map above shows where the tweets were coming from and as a later exercise I’ll look at the break down of international tweets. However, I am assuming that the international tweets were either RT’s or Replies? So who was tweeting then?

So obviously @QPSMedia was the major source of tweets, followed by @QLDOnline and note @TheBigWetFeed was purely a relay. So the next question was what was being said?

The Buzz Graph clearly shows that all roads lead to Facebook (FB.Me)….in further examination there were 2,752 Tweets with a Facebook URL and a few examples below.

What a fantastic example of SMART, Integrated and Responsible Social Media by @QPSMedia. The utilisation of Twitter to reach the public and referring them to the QPS Official Facebook page. I also took note of the Hashtag #Mythbusters that @QPSMedia used to dispel any false information. Finally I took a look at sentiment and public service organisations can easily use this sort of analysis to link them into incident management systems.



So in summary well done @QPSMedia!

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