I know we’re only halfway through this – if the buzz goes down right after part3, which I doubt – but considering the looks of our twitter streams and the fact that #GoBackSBS has been trending globally… Around 11pm I took a quick look at the phenomenon using Sysomos MAP. Just a few analytics, and you’ll notice how put the word cloud on the left here, very small, and you can still read Raquel ! A bit of a Pippa effect here, but some conversations around the show were actually very interesting, and if you want to take action, you can follow this advice: @Kimski_Impro: @upulie Email High Commissioner Antonio Guterres at guterres@unhcr.org He is reading his emails. 3 lines will do, tell friends. #gobackSBS




Buzz Graph


Oh, and I noticed this in the lower right corner of the full view of the above buzz graph: think tomorrow (night) watch

Well done SBS !

We’ll try to get back to this and give you a view of the 3 nights and a few following days, and include Blog data, where the buzz graph is interestingly different, and includes the words Masterchef, and Cronulla.

Antoine H