Listening for mentions of your brand is the first IMPORTANT step to discovering WHO you are, WHERE you are and WHAT you are online and from this DATA you are then able to determine the best direction in which to steer your brand and sail onwards to success.

Here’s Why, What and How Listening for your brand will change and shape your business just the way you want it and will give you a better footing to launch you onto the next phase of Social Business- Engagement.


Having mentions about your brand tells you that YOU HAVE AN ONLINE PRESENCE and the more mentions you get the bigger that presence becomes and remember that this is more likely to be your clients or prospects commenting on their brand experiences.

For example, if I take a look at the Billabong brand we can see that this brand has a well-established online presence over all the searched area’s or “places I listened” with a total of 186,868 mentions over a 6 month period from July 2012 until January 2013.


With this DATA we can then start to break down the mentions into that which is most relevant to our search and spotlight or syphon the DATA that will best tell us our next course of action and area’s we need to focus our attention because listening is pointless if you don’t use what your hearing to benefit your brand.

To quote Ron Ploof from ‘Read this First – An Executives Guide to New Media” – social data is a goldmine but if you don’t extract the gold its just a hill like any other.

Constant monitoring or “listening” is also essential so you can follow the flow of information and comments being said about your brand and react accordingly to each of these. In that way of engagement you can determine whether they positive, negative or neutral and if they need addressing.


So listening and using this DATA can enable you to control the impact this will have on your business.

If what you are hearing is positive then you will want to spread the word and show exactly what people are saying about your brand, if negative you need to address these straight away and find a solution that will change that negative to a positive and this really needs to be done before damage can be done to your brand for inaction hence the importance of “always listening” or monitoring. Then lastly if it’s neutral, this is also a positive in disguise if your brand is being managed correctly as it increases your presence and poses the questions and call to actions “who is this?”, “what do they do?”, “where are they?” .

There are many ways to listen, but the one most important for your brand/business is to filter out the noise and concentrate on the mentions of your brand, only then can you take your next steps on the road to success!

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Do you listen?….. 


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