This blog post follows on from my recent post titled Social Media Listening, is it IMPORTANT or not?

Canon (kiyanon), a company originated in Japan a multinational corporation who specialized in manufacturing in imaging and optical products it includes cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, steppers, computer printers and medical equipment. Canon headquarters were located in Ota, Tokyo, Japan.

In early 1970’s Canon started the top-end SLR (single lens reflex) camera, The company was distributing digital cameras since 1984, starting with the RC-701, and was followed by the Powershot and Digital IXUS series of digital cameras. Now Canon EOS series was developed to give digital single-lens reflex cameras (DSLR) which includes high-end professional models and gives satisfaction to the photographers.

Their brand is one of the most established company who creates and change the way of life when it comes to technology.

Their digital product suite includes DSLR, Canon Printers, Digital Copiers, Canon Speedlite, Scanners, and Camcorders.

We will start on Twitter (I see many accounts active here)

@Canon_camera, @Canonfrance, @CanonUKandIE, @CanonFacts, @CanonAustralia, @Canonrumorsguy, @CanonNews, @Canon, @Canon_indenesia, @CanonUSAimaging, @CanonNZ, @CanonBusinessEU, @Canonlenses, @canon_5d_mk_III, @dslr_canon_eos, @CanonsecurityEU, @canon_india, @CanonSchweiz, @canonBPO, @CanonPTY, @canonSuisse, @canonSpain, @Canonsandiego, @canonromania, @canonNLb2b, @CanonUSACareers, @Canon_Academy, @CanonKuwait1, @CDBRevendas, @canon_PH (I believe there are more)

Let us “listen” to Canon’s influencers or fans mention.


This image shows the mentions of the brand from July 12 to January 13. As always twitter will win when it comes to listening to the customers I prefer to look twitter first before going to another social network. As what you see out of 100% over half goes to twitter. So if engaging, listening and monitoring I advise twitter is the best tool to that after Forums. I use this searched phrases to get that data (CANON AND (EOS OR DSLR OR CAMERA OR PRINTERS OR SCANNER OR @Canon_camera OR @Canonfrance OR @CanonUKandIE OR @CanonFacts OR @CanonAustralia OR @Canonrumorsguy OR @CanonNews OR @Canon OR @Canon_indenesia OR @CanonUSAimaging OR @CanonNZ OR @CanonBusinessEU OR @Canonlenses OR @canon_5d_mk_III OR @dslr_canon_eos OR @CanonsecurityEU OR @canon_india OR @CanonSchweiz OR @canonBPO OR @CanonPTY OR @canonSuisse OR @canonSpain OR @Canonsandiego OR @canonromania OR @canonNLb2b OR @CanonUSACareers OR @Canon_Academy OR @CanonKuwait1 OR @CDBRevendas OR @canon_PH OR Powershot OR “Macro flashguns”))

However to truly advise Canon we’d need to understand their business objectives and how social media can support that and who knows the best investment might be to create their own online community?

What is your view?

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written by : Jongi Jadraque

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