Top 10 Reasons why InsideView is better than Data Providers

1.    More accurate – Aggregated company and contact information from multiple sources (editorial, user-generated, and web)

  • Allindustry segments.
  • World-widecoverage of all companies $10MM+ in annual sales.

2.    Quality contacts over quantity – Decision-makers (director level and above) with full email addresses and direct phone, and rich social profiles (see below).

  • No extra charge for email address.
  • “Mash-up” contacts from:  Jigsaw, NetProspex, BusinessWeek, Cortera, LondonTimes, LinkSV, etc.
  • Quality over Quantity – Other data providers have much larger databases of contacts, but 95% of the contacts are never viewed because they represent the general public and are not decision-maker level.  We focus on the most valuable contacts B2B salespeople need and omit the rest.  Less than 1% of our contact searches are incomplete.

3.    Social Media and Social Profiles – Integration of all major social network sites, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Flicker, Pandora, Amazon, Blogs, and 30k news sources.  Easy search  filters for relevancy.

4.    Sales Triggers – Daily email alert about business events of your Watchlist companies (customers, prospects, or competitors) to signal buying opportunities or competitive alerts.

  • Leadership changes, new product launches, M&A, litigation, high/low financial performance, new office openings are among 20 business events we track for every company in our database.
  • Mouse-over snippetsSave time with a quick scan of articles, posts, tweets to determine relevancy before clicking through to the whole article
  • Smart Sharing – Share articles, posts, via email or social media with one click.

5.    Smart Prospect Lists – Build prospect lists of companies and people by demographics, type, fiscal year end, and event triggers and social profiles.

6.    Smart Connections – Beyond LinkedIn, InsideView IP finds other connections among former colleagues and other business contacts that you might not be aware of but can offer a warm intro.

  • For example, we reveal that an executive in your company is on the same non-profit board as an executive of your prospect company – neither of which are linked to you via LinkedIn.

7.    “Push” iFrame into CRM – Easy to use “magic window” in CRM account, contact, lead, and opportunity fields.  No manual data retrieval needed.  Integrated with CRM on prem and online.  Very easy to install – 15 minutes in most cases.

8.    Data Sync to CRM – one click sync of data into CRM.  Checks for duplicates, presents field to field “stare and compare” prior to sync.

9.    News and Detailed financial information – SEC filings, 10K, bankruptcies, etc. – used by Finance depts. and Vendor/Supply Chain management

10.  More cost effective – InsideView is the same price as many standalone data providers – but you get so much more.  Many companies purchase contact lists AND a company info subscription – thereby paying twice as much as InsideView.