L.O.V.E. and DONATE: #qldfloods

The World Cares! A recent post by @wbosma related to his experiences while he was caught in the #QLDFloods inspired me to research who cares!

Since 07 January 2011 there have been 139,204 tweets globally on Twitter mentioning the Queensland Floods. From the globe below you can see that the world cares.

The Buzz graph represents the key messages and conversations that are occurring on Twitter. This is a desperate appeal to donate and support the victims in a time of need through prayer, l.o.v.e and donations!




We might have lost the Ashes and still we have the English in Georgie Thompson (with her 68,349 followers); Rod Brydon (with his 314,588 followers); Rio Ferdinand (with his 405,611 followers) and Boy George (with 37,565 followers) …. even Kevin Petersen was tweeting a few seconds ago! All these UK celebrities supporting the cause to donate with 1,147 tweets from UK.

To @wbosma point Twitter most definitely has a place in just-in-time communication and in creating momentum/amplification around worthy causes!

Please donate here.