At this point in our human history, we are witnessing an unprecedented shift in human values. Millions of people all over the world are demanding their voices be heard, not just in how our nations are governed, but also in how our organisations are run.

They want equality, fairness and transparency; they want to be responsible and accountable for their lives; and, they want to trust and be trusted. Most importantly they want to work for organisations that are seen to be ethical and are doing the right thing in the eyes of society. An engaged employee base is very similar to the “old” idea of the Service-Profit-Chain whereby satisfied employees led to satisfied customers which led to satisfying profits. The Social Business has engaged employees which leads to engaged customers which leads to engaging profits and this is reflected in the Top 40 companies to work for versus the S&P500 over the last ten years.


So how do your company values support the business?

Based on their research with more than 7,000 organisations, Aon found that high performing companies:

  • Keep focused on the long-term; maintain a consistent employee proposition and a clear set of values. 
  • They manage change in a way that is consistent with their values and aligned with their overall goals.
  • They use employee based information to drive their actions … and involve multiple stakeholders in their decision-making.

 How does your company engage its people?