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Michael Green joins Social Business Consulting Group (Sobizco) to Change the Way Executives Look At Social Media


Michael Green and Seventeen Social Media Strategists Unite To Form The World’s Largest Social Media Consulting Firm.


Sydney, Australia, March 21

Michael Green, a founder of iGo2 Group Australia, is now also a founding partner of the newly formed “Social Business Consulting Group” (in Sillicon Valley, USA) together with 17 other founding partners from around the world. All are certified social media strategists and have experience from well-known organizations including Dell, Franklin Tempelton, Sun Microsystems, GE, Oracle, Rockwell, Southwest Airlines, Symantec and Western Union. The founding partners and additional 20 social media consultants are located in the US, Australia, Germany, France, UK, Sweden, Russia, South Africa, Vietnam and Brazil. “I am delighted to be working with a team of international partners to form the world’s largest Social Media Consulting Firm focused on enterprises” said Michael Green.

Enterprise social media should be a cross functional engagement to build better customer experience models, reduce product launch risks and reduce product development cost. Enterprises can further leverage social media as an early warning system in the procurement department, as an integrated support strategy and reduce overall support costs.

“With Michael Green as a founding partner in our team, Sobizco will enable enterprises and other large companies to embrace social media with effective business results also in the Asia Pacific region” says founding partner Lisa Robb, USA.

The Social Business Consulting Group’s purpose is to provide executives exceptional strategic competitive advantage, leveraging social media, with clearly demonstrable and measurable financial return on investments. Additionally the group is able to supply high-level social media strategy and implementation skills to enterprises anywhere in the world.

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The Social Business Consulting Group is a global management consulting firm with focus on social media. The firm’s purpose is to help executives create an exceptional competitive advantage by leveraging social media. The strategy consulting focuses on a holistic approach where all market facing departments leverage social media to create a mutually beneficial business relationship with the constituencies of their respective ecosystem.

Social Business Consulting Group is considered a thought leader in applying social media in large corporations. The consultants help business leaders and their teams to make strategic business decision and create measurable economic success.

The Social Business Consulting Group is based in Palo Alto, California. For more information go to



Founding partner (@sobizco) and certified social media strategist. Michael brings an intellect, entrepreneurialism and a breadth of international experience highly complementary to diverse management teams and opportunity sets. Focused on advisory services to boards and organisations from Information Technology to business strategy.

Equity investments (including @iGo2 Group) and business development with specific focus on Asia. Leading/concluding complex IT services, outsourcing, integration and software solutions and transactions. Extensive experience in Asia, Japan, USA and Europe as an enabler with an International Business and Social Media savvy.

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