In yesterday’s blog post we suggested we’d update the Twitter activity at #Cloudforce in Sydney. Clearly our prediction was correct with 466 Tweets during the event.

With the top tweeters from Salesforce.

As the conversations went on the focus on Salesforce expanded – shown in the word cloud below.

Clearly people don’t want a social relationship with a brand (like salesforce), they want the benefits that that social relationship will provide. In events like these organizers should look to what is of benefit to their customers and how do they enable/communicate that through social.


Blog Post 11/05/2011

I am still making my way to #CloudForce in Sydney – SalesForce premier event.

From Twitter there seem to be 1,000 avid CRM pundits there?

So decided to have a quick look at Twitter to see what all the #chatter was about. First of all (as of 10:45) there were only 175 Tweets in the past 3 days using the hastag (#CloudForce)!

Clearly our friend at SalesForce are leading the charge.

Some of the latest conversations are:

….and what are all the conversations about?

I wonder if Salesforce are using Radian6 to monitor the social web during this event?

We’ll update you as to stats at the end of the day.


Note: Analysis was focused on the hastag #cloudforce over the last three days and Top 10 only includes Twitter handles with authority level above 5 (on a scale of 10)