iGo2 did an analysis of the Blog, News, Twitter and Forum mentions of “Gillard” over three month periods during the last year. Clearly the digital press smells a rat as their activity is almost the same as during the ousting of Rudd in June 10! However socially in blogs, forums and twitter the activity isn’t reflected when compared to June 10. So are the [Social] people not being led by the press?

Looking at the Twitter conversations

We took a look at Twitter and the key conversations for the period.

Twitter Buzz for May/June11

In 10,188 Tweets clearly Rudd’s Anniversary has come to haunt Julia and Abbott falling away for the first time in 11 months. t.co is weblinks [e.g. blogs, online news, video,…) in Twitter posts.

Twitter Buzz for Nov/Dec10

In 8,091 Tweets NBN is topical and Oprah visited too!

Twitter Buzz for June/July10

In 75,762 Tweets #Qanda shines (the ABC Hastag) and the “Look” was an attempt to find a resemblance of Julia Gillard to Madame Tassaud, Ms. Prissy, botox,… and of-course Rudd, Abbott and Turnbull taking election center stage


Finally we had a look at all the conversations over the last 169 days by Rudd, Gillard and Abbott. Can you see the trend?

Find more free research here: Gillard_SocialMedia_Analysis

Notes: Exact Data-set Dates:

  • 26th May 11 to 24th June 11
  • 26th Nov 10 to 24 Dec 10
  • 24th June 10 to 26th July 10