Oprah makes us proud to be an Ozzie!

Having watched The Sunday Oprah Show on Australia I thought to have a look what was going on in the Social Technologies.

I have two findings:

  1. Oprah inspires EVERYONE to have a say and engage
  2. Oprah has had a significant impact on the Awareness of Australian Globally

Let me explain how I came to this conclusion.

First I looked at the Twitter Popular Phrases and Australia is everywhere! Can’t be that it is Australia Day on Wednesday?

So what is Oprah’s Social Media Profile? We’ll with almost 5 million followers she has a voice and with over 25.7 million Twitter impressions of the words “Oprah AND (Australia OR Aussie)” – Oprah has truly shown hear reach (or in Social Media words her Amplification).

In the last 90 days I tracked Oprah’s:

a) Reach across all forms of digital media

b) The Buzz occurring on Twitter

c) Where in the world the conversations were coming from

d) Who were the top Tweeters

e) What where the Types of Tweets being sent

Now the above was significantly different to what I have seen before. Typically the Retweet rate is in the regio of 60-70%; here it is 20%! Our recent post on the #QLDFloods shows a Retweet factor of 70% (versus the 20% here)

The Regular tweet rate shows that Oprah inspires us all to have our say and supports the beleif that what we have to say is important – WELL DONE @Oprah!

As I have been typing this blog I picke up a quote from @paulvharris about Oprah “You CAN have it all. You just can’t have it all at once. – Oprah Winfrey #quote”

f) The Exposure of the Tweets

Another very interesting chart above showing how many people said their say ONCE on Twitter out of the 24,965 Tweets time 9pm tonight!

g) The Authority of the Tweets

Well also another unusual which leads me to believe interesting people follow other interesting people – traditionally Medium Authority isn’t as high as 94%. I do have a demographic on men versus women on Twitter – do you want to guess?

h) Facebook showed some Buzz interesting data too

So with 25.7 million impressions of 24,965 Tweets with the words “Oprah AND (Australia OR Aussie)” Oprah has conveyed a message the Australia is here to welcome you!

Not only did Oprah shine the light on Australia – she has brought a message of the world is your oyster and come say your say! Finishing off with a quote from @minniechau: “Follow your instincts. That’s where true wisdom manifests itself.” — Oprah Winfrey


p.s. Note further data analysis is possible and the above predominately reflects a view on some of Twitter/Facebook