In our 2 previous posts (Demystifying & Hijacking) about this #qantasluxury flurry we have focused on twitter and did not mention the Downfall parody video, which was posted on Youtube very early on. It demonstrated once again the particular ability of videos to go ‘viral’ ; doing a lot better than any of the contest contributions and maybe even better than the “Qantas-tailed-twitter-fail-whale” picture that was uploaded to twitter/twitpic as an early contribution to the contest too.

I must admit that I loved the #qantasluxury Downfall parody – like I loved a lot of the previous Downfall parodies too – and since Alex, the author (@AlexJBaldwin) sent us some Youtube stats about the video’s first 7 days with a ‘challenge’ to write a blog post on the analysis I thought I would rise to the occasion. Besides the data following, it’s worth remembering that the video was over 5 mins long and it was very clear from the comments that people watch the entire show as they often remarked on scenes or ‘dialogue’ at the end. Here is the analysis:

Global Reach

Youtube only provides some data based on the PST timezone:

Here is the number of views “per day”:

Date (PST) Views
21/11/11 36
22/11/11 25119
23/11/11 13225
24/11/11 5472
25/11/11 2911
26/11/11 1201
27/11/11 1116


A very strong first day, solid second, and still going.. 49,080 after 7 days (27/11 PST), and 50,531 now (30/11 at 5pm Sydney = 29/11 PST) that’s another thousand and a half on 28 and 29/11 Pacific Standard Time.

Interestingly in the 36 first views (recorded as 21/11 due to timezone), the countries of origin show 3 visits from outside Australia, namely from New Zealand (that’s ok), the United States (no big surprise), and Denmark (more surprising given Qantas doesn’t fly there).

In terms of geographic reach, we see over a 100 countries on day 1 (or rather day one and a half), with 17,000 views from Australia followed by New Zealand and Great Britain both a bit under 2,000 and every other country under the 1,000 mark.. and a surprising score from Norway, at 854 when the United States are at 873.

DAY 1: Region Total   7 DAYS: Region Total
  AU 17037     AU 32486
  NZ 1912     GB 3749
  GB 1843     NZ 3099
  US 873     US 2089
  NO 854     NO 1198
  SE 290     ES 638
  SG 233     CA 622
  CA 221     SG 531
  HK 186     DE 454
  TR 186     SE 419

Over the 7 days of data we got, the number of countries reached 134, see the top ten above, with Australia still 10 times bigger than anyone else and Norway still surprisingly strong but half of what the United States got to. The Norwegian result was driven by a reader who posted a link to the video in responding to a small article on a Norwegian website about the #qantasluxury campaign. From little things…….


Nothing too remarkable here except for the older males domination which is not quite the usual Youtube demographics on videos that go viral..


Gender Age Percentage
FEMALE 13-17 0.60%
MALE 13-17 0.67%
FEMALE 18-24 1.06%
MALE 18-24 1.99%
FEMALE 25-34 3.67%
MALE 25-34 7.53%
FEMALE 35-44 7.32%
MALE 35-44 19.97%
FEMALE 45-54 10.25%
MALE 45-54 25.49%
FEMALE 55-64 6.50%
MALE 55-64 12.11%
FEMALE 65+ 0.60%
MALE 65+ 2.16%

Sources & devices

Now, looking at where viewers came from is made difficult by lack of data but let’s see..

With 13,740 views on mobile devices (at least), over a quarter of the views, we have a well equipped audience probably using smartphones.

Only EXT_URL and NO_LINK_EMBEDDED will give us a website URL, but that’s 23,000 views, almost half of the total.

Source Nb
EXT_URL – The video views were referred from a link on a web page. 14649
GOOGLE_SEARCH – The video views were referred from Google search results. 254
NO_LINK_EMBEDDED – The video was embedded on another website when it was viewed. 8285
NO_LINK_MOBILE – The video views occurred on a mobile device, but YouTube did not
identify a referrer for the views.
NO_LINK_VIRAL – YouTube did not identify a referrer for the views, indicating that the
user navigated directly to the video..
RELATED_VIDEO – The video views were referred from a related video listing on another
video watch page.
YT_CHANNEL – The video views occurred on a channel page. 21
YT_OTHER_PAGE – The video views were referred from a link other than a search result
or related video link that appeared on a YouTube page.
YT_SEARCH – The video views were referred from YouTube search results. 1206

The top ten web sites that brought viewers to the Downfall parody are below, with Twitter far ahead of everyone else, and a noticible ITavisen.NO most probably explaining Noway’s high score above.. but I really struggle with the language there, and all I could find is a link to the video in 1 of the 4 comments on an article about the Qantas twitter campaign.

Source Nb 7445 3044 2115 1311 1114 713 706 696 586 559


So, the power of video is shown once again. There are about 16.500 tweets about and on this hashtag (removing all the spam). Almost 7,500 viewers of the parody video came from a link in a tweet, plus probably a lot of the mobile users (13,740).

And the video has had three times as many views as there have been tweets – which is remarkable. So hats off to Alex on quickly producing a video which obviously entertained so many. We certainly think he should get a pair of PJ’s. And if you haven’t seen it yet – here is the link:

Antoine & Will