Well Well! It is Royal Wedding time again and I can very well remember Diana’s wedding. Watching it in junior school with a few hundred children arched around a small television. How the world communicates and engages now has evolved through the investment in infrastructure and innovative technologies to aid the participation. Understanding the conversation is the first part of building a personal or corporate strategy related to Social Media – our blog post on The Art and Innovation of Listening further explains that point!

I looked at the conversation occurring over the last 3 days (only!)

What was being said?

How much was being said?

Over the last 3 days the ["Royal Wedding"] stats are as follows:

  1. 27,340 Blog Mentions
  2. 20,795 News Mentions
  3. 171,806 Tweets
  4. 19,151 Forums posts
  5. 36.8 million Web hits

Wow! More the question here is how do you (company or Individual) create your voice in all of this? Well starting point is a strategy through a detailed assessment – follow this link to our Blog post to gain insight.

Who was saying it?

Over the last three days the Twitter volume peaked at just over 50,000 Tweets per day….some of them listed below

Clearly identifying the influences are key to any brand success. We have extracted three influencers and focused Gretchen Fullido with her 98,880 Twitter followers!

Understanding the demographics related to Gretchen is key in understanding her Social equity/brand. Clearly Philippines and new users of Twitter (i.e. low authority) is her strength.

Finally we took a look at the Facebook conversations! More detail could be extracted….if it is so required.

This is really going to be a Royal and Social Week Kate!