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Social Business is Important


Becoming a ‘social business’ and not just a ‘social brand’ is fundamental in today’s world. Do you:

  • Know what your customers or constituents are saying about your products, services and people on the social web and through social media?
  • Know what your customers are saying about your competitors’ products, services and people on the social web?
  • Know what your constituents feel about your policies, programs and plans?
  • Know what your competitors are saying about your organisation on the social web?
  • Understand how to improve customer service and drive improved satisfaction and customer loyalty through Social Technology?
  • Know how to drive improve product innovation through Social Technology?
  • Know how to develop a responsible Social Media Policy?
  • Understand that Social Media is NOT just a marketing responsibility? Having some young graduates “do” social media while the rest of the organisation carries on as normal is a recipe for failure!
  • Understand how social profiles and social selling can shorten your sales cycles and improve your win rates?
  • Want to Increase your revenue through the use of Social Technology?
  • Understand how to recruit, retain and engage your employees through social media?

iGo2 can help you answer “Yes” to all these questions.


1. Social Business Strategy: Formulating policy and corporate strategy, tied with your business objectives and requirements. Comprehensive, tailored strategies that help you become an efficient collaborative organisation, based on our proprietary social business frameworks.





2. Social Business Intelligence helps you to listen, interpret and respond to the needs of customers who openly express their wishes online. Using social BI you can incorporate social data into strategic decisions to great advantage.

The social web is full of amazing data that with the right tools and analysis can be
turned in incredible insights and intelligence on your markets, your customers and your competitors.



3. Social Networks – Delivering, installing, training, supporting and integrating best of breed product solutions for becoming a social business.




4. Social Media Governance – Policies, procedures and educational resources that enable your people to manage social media in an accountable and responsible way.