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Enterprise Social Networks

The social ecosystem has extended way beyond Facebook and Twitter to industry communities and forums as well as social networks that are managed and owned by organisations – now known as Enterprise Social Networks.

As Enterprise Social Networks gain wider acceptance among innovative enterprises, C-level executives are realising the benefits of improved collaboration, knowledge-sharing and communication.

In fact, Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs) appeal to most C-level priorities in today’s economy:

1.     Business Growth

In today’s economy, it’s grow or die. Using enterprise social networks to help employees collaborate, share knowledge, ideas and IP easily among themselves, it is not hard to see how an organisation could achieve new business goals quickly.

2.     People Attraction, Retention and Productivity

Using an effective ESN, you can fix knowledge gaps quickly, communicate important information immediately in a format that is engaging and relevant to your employees.  You can reduce unnecessary meetings, increase responsiveness, leverage employee feedback and measure employee sentiment, share and capture key information for future success and more.

3.     Cost Reduction

ESN’s are shown now to reduce R&D expenses and consulting costs, reduce the time wasted by employees searching for the right information, reduction of opportunity costs associated with wasted time on information gathering and more. Meanwhile, productivity, innovation through collaboration and engagement of your employees is soaring.

4.     Improvement

The ability to continue to improve, to make better-informed decisions, to innovate products and services, improve processes and efficiencies, gain greater insights through listening and following, and enabling teams to collaborate across functions is all fostered by an ESN.

iGo2 has delivered these benefits and more to large organisations across the Asia-Pacific region, in partnership with Telligent Community Software.

Telligent is a leading social software company, powering online communities for companies that wish to enhance their customer, partner, and employee experiences. Telligent’s experience spans more than 3,000 customers worldwide and we have a proven track record serving the industry since 2004 with customers includes industry leaders and features top brands such as Dell, Australian CPA’s, Rio Tinto, Network10, and Starbucks.

To find out more about how an Enterprise Social Network can help you reap these benefits, get in touch today.