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Social Media Business Intelligence

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to listen, interpret and respond to the wants of our consumers who openly volunteered this information online?

What if we could identify and uncover valuable information on our customers’ sentiments, demographics, locations, on our influencers, reach and amplification, so we can better reach our customers more effectively meet their needs?

What would our daily decisions look like if we could monitor and our competitors activity, or keep a watchful eye on other agencies that can potentially limit or accelerate our growth.

Being able to turn seemingly endless mass of a large organisation’s social data into meaningful insights is no longer just a wish-list.

iGo2’s specific mix of tools, research capability and interpretation skills enables us to monitor, interpret and help you act on important metrics, so we can get real, actionable insight from your online data.

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“We were totally happy with IGo2’s analysis and strategic recommendations. Once we had implemented the recommendations, our customer engagement levels increased by 45%.”

Peter Burridge – Board Member at hyperWALLET Systems