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Social Media Governance & Business processes

The road to failure is paved with good intentions. Perhaps you’ve already leapt into social media and networks with every intention of getting to guidelines, policies and processes.

Or perhaps, like many of our clients, you have previously been fearful to enter the world of social media lest it exposes you to a PR or brand crisis, the thought of which breaks you (and us!) out in a cold sweat.

The thing is, becoming a social business is not a reactive process. You don’t need to fear handing over some message control to your employees and customers. All you need is to have some simple guidelines, processes and policies in place.

iGo2 has extensive experience creating such guidelines for organisations, as well as training employees how to hold conversations in social networks and helping organisations to remain compliant to regulatory requirements in their industries.

This is where iGo2 excels. We understand the challenges you face, and can quickly and easily take the pain out of governance for you.

Our social media policy and guideline frameworks encourage your employees to participate as brand ambassadors, encourage participation and engagement but also:

  • Reminds them of their regulatory and financial responsibilities
  • Give workflow frameworks that ensure coordinated responsiveness and clarify responsibility
  • Deliver frameworks to measure social metrics and ROI
  • Plan for data retention and back-up for archiving evidentiary materials (just as you would with email).

If you’d like to sleep better at night, knowing for certain that your social media activity is protecting and not exposing your organisation’s assets, talk to us today