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Social Media & Social Business Consulting


We believe our clients can easily become innovators and thought-leaders in social business by repurposing skills and knowledge long-held in enterprise business processes.

Social Business ConsultingSocial business, as a enterprise-wide endeavour, has to include thorough processes and structures for such things as strategy, change management, governance, architecture, cross-company and cross-functional communication and coordination, federated organisation, change control, pilot projects, and outsourcing selected areas.

Clearly, the social business management needs, and the corporate business process capabilities overlap. In that light the figure (to the right) showing the core requirements of social business would be familiar to corporate business processes and can be used as a guide to help understand how to translate the skills within our clients into social business governance at a corporate level.

Of course, the question is what kind of model for corporate social business implementation and governance is most likely to succeed? It is because iGo2 is focused on the implementation of social business from a business user’s perspective that we have the answers to that question – contained within our iGo2 methodologies, processes and technology partnerships.